Friday, January 11, 2008

January Guest Columnist

In December, we were lucky enough to have Ceridwen step up and submit a column for us. This month we need a new poet. Will you be the one?

Topics can include anything about poetry. It can be a personal experience and how you translated that into a poem. It can be about the first time you received a comment on your work online, or what keeps you blogging your poetry. It can explain how to write a certain type of poetry, be a tribute to your favorite poet, or a post that asks a question like: What if the art form of poetry was never created?

Leave me a comment if you want to be this month's columnist. Make sure you read this for more information.

Your Blog Manager,



Anonymous said...

Hi Sara, I would love to be this month's columnist. So, do I have to run the idea past you before I draft it? If yes, ping me at , I will be available always,


Nothingman said...

Hey Sara, have linked to you. I'd love to write about something. Will send you an article soon, by Monday :)


S. Thomas Summers said...

i can write a column for you in the futrue...please let me know when i can help.

veronicaromm said...

I am happy to share that I had two articles published last week on EZine, it is my firts time getting published. Thanks