Friday, January 18, 2008

I Promise Blogroll Check In

For all the members of the I Promise Blogrolls, please answer these questions in the comments.

1.Are you still interested in staying in the program?

2.Would you like to switch to a new group?

3.Any member of your blogroll that has dropped out for the last month?

For other members of Poets Who Blog, would you like to join an I Promise Blogroll? Keep in mind this is a commitment to visit 4 other blogs every Thursday and leave a comment. You would need to be able to honor this promise to your fellow poets on a regular basis.

Your Blog Manager,



s. thomas summers said...

several of my current blogroll buddies have been light with their messages. not mad at all, but would like to jump into another roll. i'll continue to leave messages on old roll as well. unless they don't want me too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sarah!
1.Are you still interested in staying in the program? Sure! It's nice to know people care enough to stop by my page, and I like supporting the others.

2.Would you like to switch to a new group? It doesn't really matter. I'm flexible. My group memebers are sweet.

3.Any member of your blogroll that has dropped out for the last month? No, not a whole month.

Sarayu said...

Hey Sarah,

1. I am definitely enjoying this, definitely.

2. I like my grpoup members work, there is so much to learn so i guess i will want to stick around

3. Nobody, although i haven't been as regular last 2 weeks, but I have informed my group members.

Thanks Sarah for asking :)

K.M.Ryan said...

1. Yes, this is a good way to get my poems out to an audience (though it is not a very large one, it is an audience nonetheless)

2. No, but if others want to join our group, i welcome anyone ^_^

3. No, i don't believe so. i believe we all got lazy around the holidays but things seem to be back on track now.

Jo said...

1. yes, thanks.

2. No, my group is fine.

3. My group has answered before me, nope :)

Sorry, short on time, thanks for organising this Sara.

J said...

Definitely enjoying doing it. I love getting comments and seeing the development of the ladies in my group. (It was especially cool to see one of them get her first book published!) One member of my group has been very busy with understandable family concerns, but other than that everyone's been great about stopping by. I do feel a bit awkward when someone hasn't posted any poetry all week, but I did that myself this week so I can't really complain. :) Stay or switch, I'm up for either one. (Like Thomas, I'd probably continue to comment on the poetry of anyone who wasn't in my group anymore.)

January said...

Hi Sarah, ditto what "J" says.

I'm certainly guilty of not posting regularly or not posting in a timely manner, but I try to visit the other blogs every week.

So for your questions:
1. Yes, I want to stay with the program.

2. I'm happy with the my group.

3. No one has dropped out for a month.

Thanks for keeping this going.

Anna said...

Maybe we could go to a new group for the weekly comments, but keep our link exchanges with our original group and still drop by and comment where possible.

I am happy with my group but would also love to get to know more poets and get feedback from other people as well.

Overall it has been going fine. I have been late a couple of times, but not more than a day or two, when something unexpected cropped up or my internet connection was making trouble.

I've no complaints about any of the others. I appreciate the comments, even it they are sometimes just "Happy New Year" and sometimes are much more in depth.

Ananda said...

i love my group. i would like to stay with them. they help me stay on track with my writing and expose me to new poetry and related poetry materials, tools, and events. their feedback and encouragement are really important to me as i buckle down and complete my poetic memoir. tyou my group.... kimberely, j, january, and betty. peace and poetry, ananda

Ananda said...

thank you sarah for organizing the groups. you are wonderful.