Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy Anniversary, PWB.

Welcome fellow poets and friends! Today marks one year since Poets Who Blog debuted. I am proud to be able to say that this first year, in my humble opinion, has been a rip roaring success.

Everyone who even stopped in here for the briefest of visits has been treated to the gift of being able to, with one click, find their way to the many talented poets whose sites are on our blogroll. The goal of PWB is to encourage the spread of poetry through the blogosphere and I think that has been done in both small and large ways. A big thank you to every blogger who has helped to keep this site going with their contributions, time, efforts, and support.

PWB belongs to the members of our blogroll. Its our meeting ground, our oasis of poetic bliss, our little piece of the blogosphere where poetry reigns supreme.

Throw the streamers, strike up the band, and raise your glasses for a toast: To Poets Who Blog! (clink,clink)

Our celebration has three parts:

The Poetic Prowl Scavenger Hunt
The Poem in a Day Group Challenge and
The Anniversary Poetry Carnival.

Hope you have a great time celebrating our birthday. This place has grown so much in its short life. It is my honor to support all poets who blog.

Now on to the festivities.


Sandy Carlson said...

Good morning, and thanks for creating the carnival! I will do some browsing. God bless.

Anna said...

Yes Congrats. Sarah, you've done a beautiful job. I've seen how your blog has grown and I am very impressed.

janetleigh said...

Congratulations, Sara, on the anniversary of your superb blog! You've done such an excellent job! May you continue to provide this stellar showcase for all Poets Who Blog in the manner to which we've become accustomed to, that is, with class, respect and honor to all who call Poets Who Blog home. :>