Friday, January 05, 2007

I support my fellow poets, will you?

Welcome poets,

The goal of this site is to support the efforts of fellow poets who blog. If you would like to participate in our link exchange please leave a comment and then link to this site on your blog. Soon after I will place a link back to you.

Also, I am looking for poets to interview and to participate in our guest poet program. You could have your work showcased on this blog and your website promoted. If you might be interested in taking part leave me a comment mentioning that fact.

All poets who share their work online are sharing pieces of their soul and deserve to be applauded for opening up to the world in that way. I support poets who blog, will you?

Blog manager,
Sara from


Anonymous said...

Sorry it took so long! I am so in! I have just been busy with the wife being sick and all. The first site of poems is almost down completely, but the address will live on so I can revive it later. I would love my blog listed with a chance to be in the showcase-like the price is right-sounds wonderful. Don't worry about the lack of response so far-Like the famous voice said in Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come."

Anonymous said...

I deleted your post on Exposure. I'm trying to get that blog off the ground and you're using it to advertise a site with the same purpose. Does that seem right to you?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I received your feedback on my blog:

and your offer for link exchange. Yes, I would love to exchange links and this goes for other poetry blogs as well), I have placed your link on my blog. Thank you very much for your feedback on my poetry this is always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your commment on my poem at I will put up a link to you so you can link back, thanks, Rob

writerwoman said...

Square traveler, I was hoping we could help each other. This blog won't have original poetry. It is only a meeting place and promotional zone for poets who want to connect with each other.

The idea is to grow a nice family style community of people who blog their poetry. My apologizes if my post on your site took anything away from what you are doing. Best of luck to you.

I can not find poets to connect with without reaching out. So, square traveler, I hope you reconsider linking to here and getting to know all the other wonderful poets that I do.

Good day,


writerwoman said...

ALready I have met two new poets, Rob and Anna, from starting this project. That makes the work I have put in so far worth it to me. Thanks for linking here, fellow poets. I encourage you to visits each other's sites and show your support for poets who blog.

In a week or so I will do the next post and highlight the work of one poet blogger on our Link List.

Please spread the word about this site and our link list to all poets you know. The idea is not to make me or this site well known as much as it is to make the work of the poets on the link list more well read.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day,


Billy Jones said...

By all means! -Billy The Blogging Poet

Anonymous said...

I was invited to participate by sp_isme, who had some nice comments about some poems I have on my blog. I am a visual artist who finds refuge in my poetry (especially recently). I am glad to exchange links.

Thanks for the opportunity,

Anonymous said...

looking good-now I am honored to have left the first comment. Get a few more posts up and I might start really commenting a lot. Have a great day!

writerwoman said...

Welcome Ana!

Glad to have you as one of our links.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
You are such a wonderful soul...
and it is a great initiative..
I really appreciate your words that poets share a part of their soul when share their true indeed...
I am instantly linking this blog id ..
and million thanks for your heart-touching comments since months on I&U!

writerwoman said...

Hey Abhay! Nice to talk to you again. I would love to link to your blog. Thanks for supportig poets who blog.

Your friend in writing,


Kilroy_60 said...

Why is it that whiners post as anonymous?

I think this is a great idea! I don't qualify as a poet, would be happy to support the effort with a link exchange.

I suggest you contact For Your Success for an exchange as well. There would, I think, be mutual benefit.

Thanks for adding this one to the carnival.

Amerie said...

This woman is good -- . You should interview her!

writerwoman said...

Thank you for the heads up, Amerie. I will stop by that blog soon.

Naomi said...

I think it's a good idea that you have here to showcase new poets. I'm a writer myself not a poet. I found your blog via the carnival.

writerwoman said...

Thanks for the kind words, Naomi.

Fox said...

I'd love to join you guys. :) I'll link to you now on a more permanently findable place. And if you want to showcase/interview, just catch me somehow.



J said...

I've already got you linked in my sidebar. Thanks so much for putting together the I Promise Blogroll and all the links you collect. I look forward to seeing more posts from you about new poets.

Lisa Chapman said...

Hi Sara,

I linked to you some months back, when you added my site to your blogroll. I really appreciate it and for including me in Carnivals past.


KnotKeats said...

I just linked to this site from my blog. I'll be dropping back in to check out the poetry

Beloved Dreamer said...

It's late, but I'd love to br a part of all this. I already have a link to you. With all this new open ID stuff I am really loss as to what my URL is. Any way Here I am,so sorry I'm late but I was sick.
If I can help just let me know.

veronicaromm said...

Of course I would love to participate in any community that supposts poets. Yhanks so much also for welcoming me so warmly into the community. If there is anything I can do, I will do it., is my latest post. Veronica

Angelica said...

I'm looking to expand my audience as I would like to become a better writer. I've been trying to write more nowadays for I haven't in a while. I'd love to do a link exchange, and I'd be honored if you follow through with my request.

The Rambling of Angelica

City Projects said...

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rebelpoets said...

Thank you for the links.

I have already read some really interesting poems by some really interesting poets.

I would have never found them without this page.

I am a very late I know but in January I didn't even have a blog.

Thank you.