Thursday, January 18, 2007

Poetry Thursday

Many poets mix and mingle each week at the Poetry Thursday blog. This last week the exercise suggested was to submit a line from your poem and then allow another participant to use it to make a new poem of their own creation.

I submitted

And here in her Land of Dark she dies dies dies.

It is from my poem called Underground Sanctuary .

Another poet had an interesting idea to combine many of the lines submitted into one poem. Check it out here

Dennis King of Nothing


Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

Hi Sara-- I'm adding a link to Poets Who Blog to my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sara. I'm sorry about the gruff little comment I left before. While I had a point, I was also frustrated at the lack of response to my site. Well, that blog has now gone belly-up (because I killed it) and I'll be happy to link to yours.

writerwoman said...

Hello tiel aisha ansari,

Glad to have you. The idea is to visit the other poets listed her when you have a chance and to support each other. Hope to get to know you more in the future.

Bye for now,


writerwoman said...


Happy to link back to you. This blog is very small right now but I hope it is a supportive place for the posts listed in the links section.

Have a great day,