Saturday, February 28, 2009

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Seventh Jigsaw Poem


there is a gleam, a snow-white pause
belated in a broken shrine
toasting a fantastic colossal bite
a syringe-like drip, a lone flame
hiding underneath the seventh sun
ameliorating the ordinary day

By Lissa from Just Writing Words.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sixth Jigsaw Poem

Tired All by Samuel Tan

Nine boys, tired all, run

Boots crunching as they fly

Toasted, one said, for he saw

Monstrous, gleaming eyes

Seven girls, sages all, walk

In the gleam of snow-fall land

Happy all, run, fantastic

Smiling, this day will end

Five men, dying all, lie

In the pool of frost-cold blood

Belated long, their death tonight

They cry in tear-fall flood

Three wolves, hungry all, stalk

Each hears the sages laugh

Sharp all, their teeth, they bite

Blood at the end of the path

Lone bird, seeing all, flies

Above petty aimless fights

High up, towards the sky

The freedom of the flight

By Sam from Thinking Cities

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Poet?

Are you an inspiring poet looking for direction to take your ideas from your head to the page? Then click here to visit the Literary Mamm Blog: Poetry for the People to read details about award-winning poet Sage Cohen's class.

There is a nearly two hundred dollar fee.

Disclaimer: Poets Who Blog only passes along information found online. We can not research any contest, class, publisher, etc.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Jigsaw Poem for Your Enjoyment

19.february 09

by the lakeside of a fantastic voyage
through syringes belated by withdrawal
lie seven gleaming onyx stones
broken from the same snow-covered hopes
that parade in a lone requiem
to the melodic submission
of the ground beneath weary steps
like morning toast dying bite by bite
in the greedy mouths of adolescence

By Jared Hasbrouck

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Naisaiku Challenge

There's an exciting new poetry prompt site that debuted last week. Its focused on creating Naisaiku poems. For instructions on how to write one of these poems click here.

To find links to many Naisaiku poems written last week for the first prompt, to read the prompt details, or to leave a link to your own poem click here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Press release:

Dawn Raymond of Epping, NH Wins Sixth Annual Tom Howard/John H. Reid Poetry Contest

Dawn Raymond is the winner of the sixth annual Tom Howard/John H. Reid Poetry Contest sponsored by Tom Howard Books. This contest awarded $5,350 in cash prizes, including a top prize of $2,000, for the best original poems in any style or theme. Raymond's poem "Ghosts", which recounts a girl's retreat into grief and fantasy after her father's death, was judged the best of hundreds of entries from around the world. The top 15 winners and runners-up are published at

Northampton, MA (PRWEB) February 15, 2009 -- Tom Howard Books is pleased to announce the results from its sixth annual Tom Howard/John H. Reid Poetry Contest. Dawn Raymond of Epping, New Hampshire won first prize and $2,000 for her poem "Ghosts". Hundreds of entries were received from around the world.

Raymond's raw, heartfelt poem takes readers inside the psyche of a girl haunted by her father's death from cancer. Retreating from the trivial concerns and crude taunts of her schoolmates, the bereaved child takes refuge in the memories that arise from her father's lovingly handled possessions. Meanwhile, darker forces pursue her into her adult life--depression, family conflict, loneliness--personified by the bewildered child as ghosts more frightening than any poltergeist from a late-night horror movie. Contest judge John H. Reid said, "Dawn Raymond has succeeded in the almost impossible. A frank, totally candid, personalized mood poem in which the writer dissects her own soul... Raymond's grip on the reader is so intense, it's impossible to be objective and move away."

Second prize of $1,000 went to Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. of Shreveport, Louisiana for "The Old Salty Poems", a charming narrative of an old sailor who passes down a wealth of stories--and perhaps more--to the little girl who befriended him. Reid said, "It has often been suggested that poetry would still be as popular and best-selling with the masses today, if mainstream verse had continued in the character/narrative vein. Certainly such a delightful, vastly entertaining throwback as 'The Old Salty Poems' lends a great deal of credence to this idea."

Joseph Gorman of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania won third prize and $500 for "Anxiety Disorder", an incisive poem in which the temptations of pettiness, greed and insecurity threaten to divide a loving couple. Reid called it "an unusual yet spell-binding mood piece".

Wolstan Brown of Bayside, New York won fourth prize and $250 for "Do Not Be Kind to Robots That Love Humans", a dark fantasy from the point of view of robot servants who have superseded their masters. Reid said, "While there are tens of thousands of short stories on this subject, there is very little poetry. Wolstan Brown has wittily and intriguingly remedied this deficiency in his adroitly crafted piece."

Five High Distinction awards of $200 each went to Gilleland, Victoria Gouldthorp, Joanne Lau, Meryl Raw and Tamar Diana Wilson. Six Highly Commended awards of $100 went to Helen Bar-Lev, Tom Berman, Louis GirĂ³n, Phyllis Jean Green, Dixon Hearne and Martin Steele. The winning entries are published online at (

About Tom Howard Books and John H. Reid:

The Tom Howard/John H. Reid Poetry Contest accepts original poems of any length, style or theme. Both published and unpublished works are accepted. The current contest opened on December 15, 2008 and will be accepting entries through the postmark deadline of September 30, 2009. The prize pool is $5,350, with a top prize of $2,000. Entries are accepted online and by mail. For guidelines, please see (

Contest sponsor and final judge John H. Reid is a former journalist and magazine editor who has published several novels, a collection of poetry, a guide to winning literary contests and fifteen books of film criticism and movie history. He lives in Wyong, Australia. Mr. Reid is assisted in the judging by Dee C. Konrad. A leading educator and published author, Ms. Konrad was Associate Professor in the English faculty of Barat College of DePaul University, and served as Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences for the year 2000-2001.

About Winning Writers, Inc.:

Winning Writers assists with entry handling and publicity for the Tom Howard/John H. Reid Poetry Contest and other literary contests sponsored by Tom Howard Books. Winning Writers is today's leading source for timely and comprehensive literary contest information. Our online database, Poetry Contest Insider, includes complete guidelines and rankings for over 750 poetry contests, plus over 300 of the top fiction and essay contests. Our free email newsletter, with over 25,000 subscribers, offers news about quality free contests and literary resources.

Winning Writers was named one of the "101 Best Websites for Writers" by Writer's Digest in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. It was founded in 2001 by the husband-and-wife team of Jendi Reiter and Adam Cohen. Learn more at

You can visit by clicking here.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jigsaw Poem Four, Feb. 2009

(for Layne Staley)

we toast your life
ended with a broken syringe
yet giving us unbroken words
spiraling around like
your kaleidoscope eyes
looking for your dad
swirling around like
fragmented, lost colors
in shadow
like those lost colors, these
shattered prismatic lights
living in the abyss
inside your seven-year old mind

because one day, you figured out that Daddy wasn't coming home again

and you hoped that fame
would call him back
bring him home
erase the shadows
negate the abyss in your mind
where your nightmares lived
these nightmares that declared that every lost fragmented spectrum
was a wicked lie
meant to make you hope again
when hope
is the stuff of angels and fairies
and dreams
are the stuff of everlasting torment
meant to remind you of never-lasting promises like
"I'll be home again"
torment that takes the place of childhood boogeymen in closets
and becomes fantastic nightmares
that last forever and ever

so you gave us your all
you gave us your call
of pain
you spoke of rivers of deceit
and men in boxes
and the Heaven beside you
just out of reach
like those faded kaleidoscopes
those colors
the gleam of that Heaven
not meant for you to enjoy

but then you drowned yourself in snow
beneath its depths
told yourself to bite off
and swallow chunks of Hell on the way down
smacked by smack
you never got up again
and your fall to Earth
was an unspoken, belated cry
one last lone wail
for Daddy

the imprint of your rainbow soul
lies in your words
still left behind
spinning in record grooves
spinning in plastic digital chrome
spinning in hard drives
spinning in minds
spinning in hearts

and so we toast your life
and hope that the same nightmares that engulfed you
do not yet again open their jaws
to swallow more wordmen
more wordwomen
but we sigh, bow our heads,
and know that they will

By Nicole Nicholson from Raven's Wing Poetry
Her first chapbook Raven Feathers is available for sale by clicking here.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poetry Toolbar

For quick access to over fifty poetry blogs and other journals, check out The Poetry Toolbar from World Class Poetry. Click here to read more about it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Advertise Your Blog

Check out Blogging Fusion if you would like another place to get the word out about your poetry blog. Click here to visit the site.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poetry Website Now Showcases Selected Work from Over 140 Writers – and Creates a Wave of Interest Within the Online Poetry Community

The number of writers with selected works listed on poetry website has grown to 140 as the Site enjoys its highest levels of interest yet within the online poetry community.

Busan, South Korea, February 10, 2009 --( New poems are discovered and linked to on a continuous basis by during its visits to other poetry sites, and blogs across the Internet. Many writers also submit poems directly to the Site. A proportion of the writers behind the poems are listed as Favorite Writers on the Site.

Interest in the Site and the idea behind it has been steadily growing within the online poetry community. Recently, more people than ever have been coming forward to give voice to their opinions:

" has been an amazing resource for the poetry community online. Its the site to search when looking for fantastic poetry.”
Sara Pufahl, Blog Manager at

"As a relatively new poet, I was flattered when Poetry Dances chose to feature my poems on their site, giving my work more exposure by bringing more readers, which in turn gives me support and encouragement. Since Anthony French started the website, it has continued to grow steadily with an impressive and varied collection of interesting poetry. My thanks and appreciation to Poetry Dances for giving a voice to relatively unknown poets".
Beatrice van de Vis

"There are countless sites where writers and poets exhibit their art. What I find extremely unique about your site, is that you search out talent from all these sites. Any writer, who says they are not honored to be chosen by your site, has written his or her first fictional piece. You also give writers a chance to read the many talented, but unnoticed works your site has selected. You deserve all the admiration, and respect your site is receiving for the difficult and time consuming efforts you have put into your site. Your hard work and dedication to all writers and poets are deeply appreciated."
Ray Neighbor (Rain)

"Having a poem of mine selected to appear on the Poetry Dances website has been a humbling experience, such is the caliber of the work it represents. There's no shortage of poetry websites in cyberspace but there's a lot of weeding out to do before landing on a quality one. Within you'll find a huge variety of poetry – every style; every subject. What you won't find is mediocrity. - It's also your 'one-stop-shop' for poetry resources, acting as a central warehouse that provides links to worthwhile poetry blogs and websites the world over. You can submit your own work or, if you have your own blog or website, you can ask to be added to the Reading List, becoming part of a 'writers helping writers' network you can be proud of. - In the past, I've wasted a lot of time searching the web, trawling through one disappointing site after another, looking for resources that met my stringent standards. I stopped at–and stayed!"
Melinda Kahler

"Many thanks to for its support and encouragement of poets around the world. Your efforts to single out aspiring word-builders should be commended. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation for the words of praise that have been sent to poets such as myself. "
- Emily Burns

“I would like to say what a wonderful opportunity offers to poets, allowing their poetry to be enjoyed around the world. It feels good to be able to share my words and thoughts, to spread my love of poetry...and is the perfect venue. Thank you”.
- David Hixon

"It's like my favorite little coffee shop where I can read some of the great poems hidden away in the nooks and crannies of the Internet over a cup of coffee!"-
Mama Madhaven

" is a great place to find amazing poems. The Poetry dances team is very helpful and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to publish or just read great poetry".
Kathrine Hill

"I see things are moving along quite well on your wonderful site. So much positive energy surely is continuing to reap rewards. How can it not? Poetry Dances is a class act and a gift to all who search the web looking for words to inspire them . . . especially in these times!" -
Joanne Cucinello

"Writing poetry has been a natural impulse for me since I could write. I write my diary in verse, I keep a notebook with me at all times, ready for any line, any phrase that enters my head. Reading poetry came later, but is now such a huge part of my life, I can't imagine being without it. I use it to convey all of my emotions and many of my experiences and it gives me real pleasure and release. - It is a time-consuming business, getting your poetry out there to as large an audience as possible, so what a great idea is, searching a range of online poetry sites and selecting a range of poetry, which is inspiring and impressive. It has the potential to create an impact on the literary world and for the poets involved, connecting those with a passion for poetry." –
Anya Fay

"I've enjoyed writing for years now, but since I became a member of the, it has enhanced my confidence as well as encouraged me to continue with my life long dream. is a new site to me, but I am so glad I was referred to it. After reviewing the site, I read some of the most beautiful poetry. I am truly inspired by the opportunity that the WritingRoom as well as Poetry Dances has given me as a poet to share my writing.. I appreciate both sites for all that they do for the poetry world. I am sure that there has been and will be great writers discovered with the opportunities that the Writingroom and Poetry dances have given! Thanks you guys!" -Debbie Campbell

Due to elements of the Site’s design, it is returned on page One for searches made on or, for many poetry related search criteria. This offers the potential of increased exposure for the writers and work listed on the Site.

These search criteria include: Great poetry website, Great poetry site and Read great poetry, among many others. A full list of the searches that return the on page One of or are shown on the Site itself.

Over the last three months has been building on its recent affiliation with, a diverse and resource filled site for a great many talented writers. ‘Read Request’ buttons have been added to all poems on the site, which make it easier for users of the site to submit work for consideration and possible selection by poetry contest winners are also now being hosted on the Poetry dances site.

-Lindsay Preston, Creator and CEO of recently offered these comments regarding the growing ties between the two sites:

" is pleased to have affiliated with is a fabulous site made up of the highest quality poets and poetry. We feel the affiliation with such a high caliber site is beneficial, not only for WritingRoom, but for our members who have been and will be featured on the Site.”

In other developments has been in talks with premier poetry blog resource Poets Who Blog (, with a view to including a Read Request button on its site also.

The Poets Who Blog site hosts links to many of the blogs on which poems were originally discovered by

Additionally, recently reached agreement with South Africa based, to offer marketing and promotional support for its book publication and distribution program. A program designed to help often disadvantaged children in Africa.

As mentioned earlier in this release many of the writers on the Site enjoy 'Favorite Writer' status.. The last quarter saw nineteen new Favorite Writers created. These writers along with their poems and the sites hosting are as follows:

Shana E. Purves with 'River of Passion' on
Leanne Hancher (midsummer21) with 'Learning to Breathe' -on
Anya Fay with Willow on
Michele Stephenson (Michele) with 'Pair Of Poets' on
Melinda Kahler (shakatoah) with 'A Lady In Waiting' on
Debbie Campbell (deb) with 'I know You are There' on
Michael Estabrook with ‘Smooth and Sweet’ on
Ronald Kilgore with ‘Final Hug’ on
Danny F. McMahan with ‘Paradise Drizzles’ on
Elijah Hamlin with ‘Dreams’ on
Lily T. Bilsland (LTB) with ‘Human Swamp Water’ on
Jan Teaford (autumnmoon) with ‘A Study In Blue’ on
Joe Kruppenbacher (Sojourner) with ‘Broken’ on
Cody Robinson (NativeLeader777) with ‘Moment of Silence’ on
Rebecca Derossett (Wannabe) with ‘I Am’ on
Janie Ruth Ryals with ‘Waiting’ on
David Angel with ‘Of Eternity To Rest’ on
Rick Doerscher with ‘Iowa Fields’ on
Jamie Alan Rhines with ‘Freedom’ on

As indicated earlier in this release, poetry can also be submitted directly to along with links to great poems found by users themselves. Additionally, the Site accepts general read requests, which allow its staff to visit and read the work of specific writers on various poetry sites or blogs across the Internet.

The Site has also recently introduced a 'Poem of The Week' feature. is free to use subject to its disclaimer and terms of use document. news

Cruise on over to and check out their Poem of the Week. Click here to read Hope in Unison by Rio and Mamta.
Poetry Website Now Showcases Selected Work from Over 140 Writers – and Creates a Wave of Interest Within the Online Poetry Community

Third Jigsaw Poem


In my dreams I heard the silent incantation
tumbling through the orange night
woke to find seven inches of magic
wrapping my hard-bitten street
like a belated Christmas present
the gleam of broken syringes
transmuted into the glitter of snow
wool-snuggled, I go searching for a lonely faun
to invite back home for tea and toast.

By Lirone

Words That Sing

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Second Jigsaw Poem- Feb 2009

Frost by Ofira Sephiroth

Snow falls on my broken gleam.
A lone syringe transfers frost
from our seven year storm.
Toast to victory
while I bite the tongue
that once tied around your heart -
accentuating passion,
hindering forgiveness.
Fantastic were my hopes and dreams -
belated are your wishes.


To read more of this poet's work click here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Press release from HarperCollins Publishers:

From the author of ACOLYTES comes BICYCLES a companion work to Nikki Giovanni’s much acclaimed and bestselling LOVE POEMS.

Listen to Nikki Giovanni read a rap she wrote for President Obama on NPR’s All Things Considered and her interview on NPR’s Tell Me More.

Browse inside now by clicking here.

Listen to Nikki Giovanni read from Tell Me More.BICYCLES by clicking here.

For a review copy for your blog, email us at


Monday, February 09, 2009

First Jigsaw Poem- Feb 2009

A Jigsaw haiku

Sun gleam reflected
on broken syringe in snow.
Dreams lost forever.

By William H. Graffius

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Press Release:

The Academy of American Poets inaugurated National Poetry Month in April 1996 as a month-long, national celebration of poetry, whose goals include highlighting our poetic heritage and introducing more Americans to the pleasures of reading poetry.

To celebrate National Poetry Month this April, we are now accepting submissions of Poets on Poets for our April 2009 issue. Check out April 2008 in the archive section of Quill and Parchment to see what we are looking for.

Please click here for more information

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Jump in and do our Jigsaw Poem

The idea behind a Jigsaw Poem- as created at PWB- is that first two different bloggers leave one word each in a reply. Then whoever is intrested, whether you left a word or not, makes a poem that uses those ten words. Send your poem to Poetswhoblog at yahoo dot com with Jigsaw Poem in the subject of the email. Also included whatever name you want your poetry credited under and a link to your blog.

Who wants to leave the first word?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

If enough poets join this you could create a real poetic presence in this community.

Press release:

Blogging Daily is a New online newspaper created by your blogs. Submit your news, reviews, views, feeds and weblinks to create the world news. Join and create your own communities.

Submit articles on Travel, Health, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Business or the Environment.

All blogs automatically posted to our homepage and to your own blog page.
100% commission on your google ads.

Join and help us build a real online community where real people interact and share their thoughts.

Click here to visit Blogging Daily

The MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Press Release:

An Open Online Poetry Competition
Innovative, exciting, challenging and democratic – the greatest ever online poetry competition.

Prize fund accumulates at £2.00 per entry (up to £10,000 maximum)

1st Prize - 50%, 2nd Prize - 25%, 3rd Prize - 15%, 4th Prize - 10%

Poetry Competition Rules
We have no appointed judges – the entrants judge the competition themselves. It’s a knockout system in three rounds (see Poetry Competition Rules for details) – but beware, if you don’t participate in the judging, you will be knocked out yourself! In each round the entrants read 12 poems. In the final round everyone reads the last 12. The judging will take place in the 2 months following closure of the competition.

Any subject. Style: Poetry or Prose Poetry. Maximum 42 lines. £6 per entry.

All profits from the poetry competition will be donated to MAG (Mines Advisory Group). MAG is a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation that clears the remnants of conflict for the benefit of communities worldwide.

Our target is to get 1,500 entries in the first year. Tell your friends – the prize fund grows!

Closing Date: 30th April 2009

Visit their site by clicking here.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Freelance Job for a Poet

I stumbled along an add looking for poets to write reviews of poems. If you would like to look into this job offer click here and visit Top Freelance Projects.

Poetry and the Superbowl

John Lundberg asks "Is the Superbowl Poetic?" to read his thoughts on the subject read his article at The Huffington Post by clicking here.

If anyone writes a poem inspired by the clash of titans going on in American football today, leave a link for the rest of us to check out your work in the comments.

I would love to see more comments at this site and more interaction between the poets who are members here. Lets grow a community.