Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Press Release:

An Open Online Poetry Competition
Innovative, exciting, challenging and democratic – the greatest ever online poetry competition.

Prize fund accumulates at £2.00 per entry (up to £10,000 maximum)

1st Prize - 50%, 2nd Prize - 25%, 3rd Prize - 15%, 4th Prize - 10%

Poetry Competition Rules
We have no appointed judges – the entrants judge the competition themselves. It’s a knockout system in three rounds (see Poetry Competition Rules for details) – but beware, if you don’t participate in the judging, you will be knocked out yourself! In each round the entrants read 12 poems. In the final round everyone reads the last 12. The judging will take place in the 2 months following closure of the competition.

Any subject. Style: Poetry or Prose Poetry. Maximum 42 lines. £6 per entry.

All profits from the poetry competition will be donated to MAG (Mines Advisory Group). MAG is a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation that clears the remnants of conflict for the benefit of communities worldwide.

Our target is to get 1,500 entries in the first year. Tell your friends – the prize fund grows!

Closing Date: 30th April 2009

Visit their site by clicking here.

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