Friday, February 27, 2009

Sixth Jigsaw Poem

Tired All by Samuel Tan

Nine boys, tired all, run

Boots crunching as they fly

Toasted, one said, for he saw

Monstrous, gleaming eyes

Seven girls, sages all, walk

In the gleam of snow-fall land

Happy all, run, fantastic

Smiling, this day will end

Five men, dying all, lie

In the pool of frost-cold blood

Belated long, their death tonight

They cry in tear-fall flood

Three wolves, hungry all, stalk

Each hears the sages laugh

Sharp all, their teeth, they bite

Blood at the end of the path

Lone bird, seeing all, flies

Above petty aimless fights

High up, towards the sky

The freedom of the flight

By Sam from Thinking Cities

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