Thursday, April 26, 2007


This is National Poetry Writing Month and all over the blogosphere there are poets attempting to produce and post one poem per day. Are you one of the brave and prolific who are taking part this year?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

National Poetry Month

Every since 1996 poets from around the globe have spent the month of April celebrating this craft that we love.

In honor of NPM I ask that you leave a comment telling your fellow poets who blog the name of your favorite poem. Leave a link if you can.

Happy National Poetry Month to one and all. Spread the word about this site, this holiday, and all poets who blog by linking to this post on your own blog.

Your Blog Manager,

Sara from The Shores of My Dreams

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Meet Rethabile Masilo

Dive into the work of Rethabile Masilo by stopping by Sotho or Poefrika, the latter is a group blog that focuses on poetry that is African inspired.

You can feel the intense connection to that country in every word written on those sites. The energy of that place and her people come through the lines of the poems and grip the reader.

A standout among the poems I read by this poet is
maseru street in the sixties.

When you read that piece you are in the place it describes, breathing that air, living that life. You are transported and left feeling the ache of legacy that can never be forgetten.

Check out this talented poet that I am proud to have in our community of poets who blog.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's a Blog Carnival. And this one isn't just for poets. It is being hosted by Jeremy Wilcox at Religon, Politics and the Great Pumpkin.

The carnival post will go up April 26th. Submit as soon as you can. ( Not to me.) Find more details here The Rules

Your Blog Manager,

Sara from The Shores of My Dreams

P.S. I sign my posts that way because I do consider myself just the manager of this blog. This blog belongs to the poets listed in the sidebar. If you our one of them and have suggestions for posts, let me know. This blog is here to promote and enchance the recoginition of all poets who blog, hence the name.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. It's Poetry Thursday and for me that means its the best day of the week as far as online poetry goes. With a smile, I bid adieu.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Poetry Carnival

One of our very own poets,Tiel Aisha Ansari, is hosting a blog carnival for poets. Submit your entries here Knocking From Inside by April 13th.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Second Group Poem

Add a line to this poem. I will link to your blog, in this post, to give you credit for the line.

Reverberations by PWB poets

Like a drunk breaks glass, you

this frozen lake for her swan coloured

muzzling the angelic sound she belted out
past mountain pass and winter’s heart.

Turbulent sediment churns amidst her broken dreams.
Her soul lies naked in wanting.

You collect this yearning, a messenger of her silence,
in her sigh, immeasurable in depth and seemily endless.

The poets who wrote this, in the order their line appears,

Clockwork Chris

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Promote Yourself

If you have never visited Poetry Thursday
I suggest you head over and check out all the wonderful resources and inspirations they have for online poets. Anyway, today they had a prompt that was one word:absolve. I wrote a poem for it. If you decide to take part, or write any other poem that you want to share, leave a link in the comments.

Sara from The Shores of My Dreams

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