Saturday, April 14, 2007

Meet Rethabile Masilo

Dive into the work of Rethabile Masilo by stopping by Sotho or Poefrika, the latter is a group blog that focuses on poetry that is African inspired.

You can feel the intense connection to that country in every word written on those sites. The energy of that place and her people come through the lines of the poems and grip the reader.

A standout among the poems I read by this poet is
maseru street in the sixties.

When you read that piece you are in the place it describes, breathing that air, living that life. You are transported and left feeling the ache of legacy that can never be forgetten.

Check out this talented poet that I am proud to have in our community of poets who blog.


SquareTraveler said...

I just want to endorse this recommendation. I have read some amazing poems on Poefrika.

Rethabile said...

Thank you for the post, and for the compliment.