Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Leave a Link, Get a Link

This program is genius. Click on the link to read about it.

Billy the Blogging Poet

has been working to give exposure to his fellow online poets. I was unaware of his efforts until I recently recieved an email from him.

I encourage all of you to visit this page and read the instructions on how to promote your blog and that of other poets you enjoy reading.

By working together and commenting on each other's work we can grow a community of poets who never again will feel like they are screaming into the dark with no one hearing or reading the words they lay on the screen.

Blog manager,

Sara from


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,
I've just visited, Billy. It feels a little puzzling to me. I'd love to participate but need to understand carefully what I have to do.
I'll have to come back to read it again.

writerwoman said...

The idea is to suggest a poem you like reading. Then is he puts it up on his website he will link to you and to the poem. He gets thousands of hits a day so soon you have more possible readers and a chance to know more poets.

Billy Jones said...

Howdy Sara,
Thanks for the link.

Your explanation was quite good. All Susan or anyone else needs to do is send me a hyperlink to a poem by a poetry blogger. Then I feature the poem (Excerpted of course-- no copyright infringement) and link to both the author and the person who referred them.

And if someone wants their referral kept secret I do that as well.