Sunday, January 20, 2008

PWB invites any poet on our blogroll to leave a link to their latest poem in the comments section.

Anytime you have a new work on your blog and would like to share it with our readers stop in and post your link.

Have you written a poem this week that you would like to share?


susan said...

Hi all,
I have posted an old draft I am revisiting. It's a really rough draft and I'm looking for feedback or critique to help polish. I really have thick skin so don't worry about my feelings. Afterall, I'm putting this in public space. :-) You can find it here:

writerwoman said...

Thanks for taking part in this program.

Ben Samin said...

fellow penners...

this is a poem i wrote quite a while back, but i haven't been able to promote it yet. guess what it's about and leave a comment!!

...aBoVe sUsPiCion... said...

im just an amateur tryin to figure out how to make sense of the words that fly around in my head..

Ben Samin said...

how in the world do we post direct links?? hehehe pardon my ignorance.

TIV: the individual voice said...

I am a new poet with a new poetry blog and I write at least one poem a day so I've of course posted seven in the last week, including today. This is my new blog
Bad Poet Society

writerwoman said...

About making a direct link: Have you ever made one within a blog post? It is the same code.

You can read about it here:

blogger how to make a link

Anonymous said...

I post a new poem about every other day at" Word Anger .

Deborah Vatcher said...


Here's a short poem I wrote today. I try to write several poems a week.
Hungry Dog

susan said...

New post:

And Happy Friday!

Please join us at The Last Piaster. Our aim is to present writing exercises designed to sharpen old poetic tools and provide you with new ones. New piasters will be posted on Sundays. Periodically, we’ll ask permission to share your drafts.

susan said...

Here's my contribution for Sunday

All Things Considered

Crafty Green Poet said...

I've posted a poem on my Crafty green Poet blog here:

And one on my Alter Ego blog (now renamed Over Forty Shades) at:

Thanks for the invite to share!

Crafty Green Poet said...

sorry I shouldn't have left a link, I'm not on your blogroll. I was overenthusiastic. Sorry.

writerwoman said...

Crafty Green Poet,

It's totally fine that you left a link. We're more than happy to have you take part here at PWB.

Remember you can always join our blogroll, if you want. All we ask is for a link back and that you support the other poets here.

Even if you don't join, please feel free to stop by whenever you want and interact with us here.


writerwoman said...

Your link didn't work, Susan. Lets try this again.

All Things Considered by Black-eyed Susan

writerwoman said...

Check out these poems and support all our poets who blog.

Some links so you can easily get to the poems listed above:

When Hearts Grow Fatter by Ben Samin

Shame by Above Suspicion

Bad Poet Society

Draft by Black-eyed Susan

The Cultural Inheritance of my Hypothetical Granddaughter by Crafty Green Poet

Alchemy by Crafty Green Poet

writerwoman said...

Crafty Green Poet,

I've added you to our blogroll. Thanks for linking to us!

Your Blog Manager,


STP said...

I wrote Ephemeral and Settings based on the image I photographed that appears in both posts.

Dániel Dányi said...

a new poem called Reykjavik is up on the Poet's News Scrapyard blog :::
check it out :)

Anna said...

This is great! Does it also apply if I type up and publish a poem that's been sitting in my closet for years? :D

Lisa said...

Hi everyone,

I finally have something new up on my site, a poem I wrote for a friend called, "Lost & Found".

Thank you Sara for all you do to promote poets on your site and for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment on one of my poems recently.


Pam said...

I post two to three new poems each week on my blog. I would love constructive criticism on any of them.

susan said...

Not a poem but a discussion about women poets. Please check out and share your thoughts:

Okay, it’s been a few days, but Jilly at Poetry Hut asked about the lack of exposure for women poets. Personally, I think the bigger question is: Are we, women supporting each other? Who are reading? Whose collections do we buy and are we going to readings featuring women?

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Here's one I'd like to share:

Also, I've added this site to my blogroll.