Friday, January 18, 2008

How You Can Support PWB

In order to make this site successful there are several things every blogger who is listed on our blogroll can do.

1. Read and comment on other poets listed on the blogroll. This is the main purpose for PWB.
2. Send me poetry news you hear about that I can share with our readers. You can email me at
3. Spread the word about Poets Who Blog in the blogosphere.

The goal of this site is not to grow the longest list of poetry bloggers online, it is instead to foster a community that will support each other's efforts to post poetry online. Though none of us can read the work of all the poets on the blogroll, all of us can stop by a few and leave a comment.

Please support your fellow poets.


susan said...

I'd like to join one of the blog groups, those who commit to checking in every Thursday.

Any chance of removing some of the links for inactive blogs? It's a bummer clicking on a link to blog that hasn't been updated in months.

Thanks for all you do. I have connected with some cool poets because of PWB.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Well said Writerwoman! Support your fellow poets - I agree with that..

writerwoman said...

Sweet Talking Guy,

Hi! Glad to see you stopping by.


I've put up a new post about the I promise groups. I am sure we can find you a spot. Keep an eye out for more updates. After some poets check in, I will let you know what list you belong to.