Saturday, January 05, 2008

PWB, at its heart, is a group effort. You may see my name at the bottom of every post but often behind the scenes there are others, working quietly but diligently, to benefit not themselves but all the bloggers on the blogroll, all our visitors and, in the greater sense, to support the art of creating poetry. I want to thank all of you who have stepped up with suggestions, advice, helpful tips, supplied me with news about poetry or helped with a project. You make this site work!

Black-eyed Susan was sweet enough to do just that when she offered to sponsor the Poetic Prowl Scavenger Hunt. She works with Color Online. I was quite impressed when I visited their site and read their goals.

Color Online has been working since 2005 to give young women a place to embrace the power of their creativity and to empower themselves through the study of literature, culture and art. If you want to help to support this cause, leave a comment at Color Online. They could always use donations of books. In the same way that it is a true gift to the world to nurture the spread of poetry, it is a blessing to all of us when our young people are given a safe place to spread their wings.

PWB is proud to have Color Online as the sponsor of this game, and happy to accept Susan's offer to supply the winner with a prize in the form of a book.

The first person who sends in their answers, who has followed the instructions exactly, will win.

Email your entry to
Please write poetry in the subject line of your email. If I ever don't get an email it most likely because it was mistaken for spam.

Poetic Prowl Scavenger Hunt

1. Visit one blog on our blogroll under Poets. Find a poem from the first month that blog was online. Leave a comment about it. Send me a link to that poem.

2. Visit one blog on our blogroll under Linked To Us. Leave a comment on that blog telling the owner that you are visiting from Poets Who Blog and your personal thoughts on their post.

3. Visit either Read Write Poem, The Writer's Island, Artists and Poets, or One Deep Breath (you can find links to these blogs on our blogroll under About Poetry.) Create a new poem based on inspiration gained at one of these sites. Post new poem on your blog. Send me link to new poem, to the site you visited, and tell me what inspired you there.

Ready, set.....go!

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