Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Anniversary Poetry Carnival


Turn the lights on the midway. Grab a bag of popcorn from the vendors or a gooey taffy apple. You have now passed through the gates of our Anniversary Poetry Carnival.......

A spotlight hits her. The crowd goes quiet. They wait on bated breath. A slow smile comes to her face, and all who see her know that she is thinking about it. That ancient art. That love for which the muse has fallen.

She only asks one question.“What does poetry mean to you?”

One by one they stand to answer.

Brian- Poetry
Daydreamer- what it all means
Lissa- Poetry of Words
Mad Kane- Shower Demons
Jodi Barone- love the sound of rain, love poetry
Qualcosa Di Bello- what poetry means to me
Sandy Carlson- Poetry: Let's not talk about it
Sara-What It Is
STP- Poems: Places I'm Going
UL- Writing

Feel free to leave a link to a poem or post about poetry that you wrote in the comments.

Thank you to every poet who stepped up and made this carnival a success. And thank you to all the poets who own this blog.

Hope you had time at our anniversary party. See you, same time and same place, next year. May 2008 be the year you hold your dreams within your hands.

Your Blog Manager,

Sara from The Shores of My Dreams


rch said...


Congrats on your anniversary and thanks for all your efforts, they are much appreciated. Here is a link to one of my favorite poems about poetry:

and here's one I posted the other day:

Now I'm off to read the others, take care,


writerwoman said...

Thanks for stopping in, Bob.