Sunday, January 13, 2008

The new year is kicking off with a bang already for me. I will be starting this month by attending our First Annual Anniversary Celebration and ending the month at a progressive dinner party, The Soup to Nuts Gonzo Carnival on January 30th, 2008.

Kilroy, from Fear and Loathing, will kick off the night with a virtual cocktail hour in the form of blog enteries submitted to him at his blog. Then my writing group will host the first course a
Fallen Words . Other bloggers will host the main course and the dessert. It should be a fantastic time, jumping all around the blogosphere, finding new sites to explore.

To submit a post to me for this event, email me with a link at You must put Progessive Dinner in the subject line. The post can be about anything you like, from a poem to a personal story to photos or advice.

You could also submit different posts to:
Kilroy, who will serve hors d'oeuvrers and drinks.

Isabella Mori will serve up the appitezers.

Anja who hosts the main course.

Fiction Scribe dishes up dessert

Only one post per course is allowed to be submitted by you. You can submit to just one course, if you want.

If you send a link to, I will make sure you are part of the first course. But make sure you mark the subject line with Progessive Dinner, or you risk your mail being confused with a Nigerian Lottery scam or some other kind of spam.

To read more about The Soup To Nuts Gonzo Carnival, visit


isabella mori said...

dear fellow poet - looking forward to having dinner with you!

susan said...

Okay, I've posted a promo about the event. My food's on the table and I've written Kilroy. Let's feast!

susan said...

Okay, we're two weeks out. Are folks emailing our hosts but not commenting here? Otherwise, looks like a slim meal. C'mon, folks. Let the rest of us know you're coming.