Thursday, January 03, 2008

Comments Needed

Prompt Posts Come to PWB

I was recently saddened to read that Read Write Poem will be closing. I have enjoyed that site. It was always fun to interact with all the poets it brought together. I commend the poet who ran Read Write Poem, and understand why it is hard to find the time to keep a project like that going each week.

I encourage all poets to check out The Writer's Island on Tuesdays. You can use the prompt posted there to inspire a poem, and link to it for other poets to read.

Poets Who Blog will step in to try and fill the poetry void left on Thursdays in the blogosphere. Come here and leave a link to a poem you have written.

Poets Who Blog Prompt One: Comfort

Check out the link post on Jan. 10th

You will get a new prompt after that for the next Thursday. Feel free to leave a link to a poem that is not about the prompt, if you want.

At the end of the month, I will decide if the prompts should become a regular part of our site. Let your thoughts be known in the comments:

Would you take part in prompts?

Do you know a site that is doing poetry prompts on Thursdays already?

Does PWB need to fill the void or is there enough prompt sites?

I haven't ventured into doing prompts here before because other sites do them much more elaborately than I am willing to attempt, but I hate to see the wonderful exchange of poetry on Thursdays end. I'm actually very torn about if bringing prompts to PWB is the right direction for us. Let me know how you feel. If your name is on the blogroll you own this site so let your voice be heard.

Your Blog Manager,

Sara from The Shores of My Dreams


J said...

I really liked the weekly prompts on RWP, and I like the idea of you continuing to post them.

If you don't want to do them all the time, I could probably help out.

Anna said...

I'm all for prompts, even if they aren't every week.

I think I have a "comfort" related poem, but where should I submit it exactly?

Brian said...

You do very nice non-weekly prompts (like the 12 holiday poems), and I think that works well with this community. There are a lot of weekly prompt sites out there, and I think it's nice that this site does something original. I think you should continue to do interesting prompts as it moves you, but I don't think there is a huge void for weekly prompts.

writerwoman said...


Thanks for offering to help. PWB welcomes help from all our members. I'll let you know if it is needed later.

I am still hopeful that someone will take over Read Write Poem. That would be ideal.


writerwoman said...


You come back here next Thursday. There will be a new post. In the comments, you leave a link to your poem.

The first step is to find the permalink on your poem. That can usually be found by clicking on the date of your post. Then you go to the address bar and copy that address.

If you don't know how to leave a link in the comments, the easiest thing I can suggest is that you open up a new blog post and make a link that way, copy the code and paste it here.


writerwoman said...


Your thoughts are similar to mine. Last night I searched more on the web and found out that Totally Optional Prompts posts on Thursday, which is good because it keeps poetry sharing in the blogosphere on Thursdays alive.

I will do prompts in Jan, then probably direct everyone to Totally Optional Prompts. But I will make my final decision in Feb.


writerwoman said...

Since Read. Write. Poem. is back it makes moot the idea of PWB doing weekly prompt posts.

But I'll certainly try to keep coming up with new and interesting poetry projects to feature.

Thanks for your comments.