Thursday, January 10, 2008

The word comfort, to me, evokes many different images. It is safety, security, solace. A womb, a hug, a trip back home.
For Poets Who Blog January prompt, I asked that you write a poem inspired by the word comfort. I can't wait to see who took part.
Leave your link for the prompt in the comments.
Thanks for stopping in and helping to make PWB a success!
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Since Read. Write. Poem. is back, PWB won't start doing weekly prompts. But you can always find some at RWP, The Writer's Island, Fertile Ground, One Deep Breath, and Sunday Scribblings.


writerwoman said...

Read Sara's poem here

STP said...

Read Scott the poet's take here

sister AE said...

Here's mine:


J said...

This is mine.

paisley said...

be kind... i sought to follow this form for the first time.... the paradelle....

"my destiny"

Fenny said...

A bit late ... but that's me ... sorry

I wrote this a while ago ... but it fits the prompt

It's called: A Mother's Comfort

Just click my name