Saturday, January 19, 2008


I decided it would be prudent to sign up for the poetswhoblog address at wordpress. Though PWB is not moving to wordpress.

I will use that site only to post, every now and then, a poetry prompt or game that allows poets to be interactive. Anyone feel like playing Poetry Tag again? Have a different poetry game in mind?

Anything that happens at the wordpress site, I will mention here. That way you know when to check it out.

Right now there is a Poetry Pick and Pull going on. Play along if you're in the mood.

The wordpress site is simply a fun bonus to PWB,a dessert. Stop by here for your meals.


Gerald Galindez said...

im becoming a poet,
need to join asap! AHAHAHH

lets exlink?

writerwoman said...


If you link to us, we will add you to our blogroll.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of collaborating. I wouldn't mind a page where people post links or tag each other.