Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Soup to Nuts Progressive Dinner is being held Jan. 30th.

You can travel from blog to blog, reading posts on a variety of subjects, while you enjoy cyber cocktails, appetizers, soups, main course, dessert, and after dinner party.

My writing group, Brand New Aspiring Writers, is hosting the first course. These are the poets who submitted:

Scott the Poet offers the poem If A Promise.

Check out draft by Black-eyed Susan.

You can read God Wears Wrath by Thomas K from The Sporadical.

Please visit these poets and leave them comments.

You can read the rest of the submissions by stopping by Fallen Words.


STP said...

Can't find your E Mail, but just as an FYI, my poem is "If A Promise" and I think you've got my name and someone else's jumbled. I am not Clawson, but just go by "Scott the Poet."
Thanks for having me up!!!

writerwoman said...


I think I was half asleep or something when I posted this.

I fixed it now.

Thanks for taking part.

STP said...

Actually, I googled that name to see if he was someone I wished to be.