Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Worldwide Open Reading

Blog Talk Radio invites you to call in to Rick Lupert's show on 2-10-08 and share a poem with their listeners. For the phone number and the time of the show, visit the Blog Talk Radio site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the leads for publishing, writerwoman. It's encouraging, and reminds us there's a big world out there.

janetleigh said...

If you get the chance, listen to Rick's Blog Radio program. He's a funny guy and will keep you in stitches. He's a hands-on organizer and a fine poet to boot. I've been a member of Poetry Super Highway for years and he does an excellent job promoting the works of other poets. There are many ways a poet can contribute to his website, plus he contributes to the Yahoo! Groups MotherOfAllPoetryGroups. Rick also puts out the extensive Poetry Super Highway Weekly Newsletter. Get to know Rick, you won't be disappointed and you'll be glad you did. (/public service announcement :)
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