Monday, October 01, 2007

Would you like to be a guest columnist here? Topics could include:

What I learned by blogging my poetry.

Who inspires my work the most.

My experiences in publishing my first poetry book.

I love this poet.

I don't care about comments.

I am addicted to comments.

I'm a Writer's Island junkie. Tuesdays are my new favorite day of the week.

The first time I submitted a poem to a journal.

Well, poets, I am sure you get the idea. Submit columns to with the name of your blog and your screenname.

Edits may be asked for if content is too long or there are spelling/grammar issues. English only, please. In the subject line of your email please put Poets Who Blog.


Anonymous said...

The lover wants to be on the list. I have already blog rolled you.

writerwoman said...

Welcome to Poets Who Blog. Please stop by some of the blogs listed in the blogroll and meet some of our members.


Anna said...

Hi I looked at the blog of that new poet and I really like that poetry. It is really good.

Regarding writing a column, do you mean, write something like an article on a specific subject? Is this a one-time thing or is there a commitment ... or ...

writerwoman said...

It is a one time thing, Anna.

I would love to see a lot of different poets off the blogroll jump in and put their stamp on this blog. I consider it "our" blog and not just mine.


Soham said...

Hi Sara,its such a novel idea to make a column or something like that. Its fantastic. Can you please tell me, from when can we get started and stuff like that. Have you already got somebody to write it up? Is it a one time shot or long lasting on.
Would certainly like hearing from you on these issues.

As always
The Soul and The Witness

writerwoman said...

It is a one time commitment. If you decide to write one send it to