Monday, October 22, 2007

Say Hello to Group Number One

It's the inaugural week of the I Promise Poetry Blogroll and these brave souls have decided to join the first list:

Anna from Free Poems

Ario from Scribblings and Sketches

Brian from Brief Poems

Janet from Poetmeister...on the road to Parnassus

S. Thomas Summers from Lint in My Pocket

Sara from The Shores of My Dreams

Cruise on over to my personal blog
to see the way the blogroll you add to your site should look. Then all you do is stop by the other five poets listed each Thursday and comment on their work.


1. You do not have to gush over their work, if you don't truthfully feel that way. But kindness and respect is required.

2. You do not have to post new work each Thursday. If you get to a site and don't see a new poem, search through the achives and find one to comment on.

3. If you want to be removed from the list please let me know.

4. If you disappear for over a month you will be deleted from this blogroll.

For other poets if you would like to be added to the second group of I Promise bloggers, let me know.

I am excite to get this project underway. It is the true vision I always had for Poets Who Blog. I wanted a way to connect poets with readers who enjoyed commenting and growing relationships. I have already met some wonderful artists and friends online and hope this will allow me to meet more.

Your Blog Manager,


NOTE- Please go to the section of your blog that allows you to set how you want your comments moderated and set it so that people who are not blogspot bloggers can leave comments. (Go under Settings and then comments, set it to anyone).

Not everyone on this list is a blogspot member and you will miss getting comments from them if you do not change your settings.


Anna said...

Thanks - I have started commenting and started giving links to these poets.

My Internet Connection at home is down again :(. So I will do my best!

S. Thomas Summers said...


I've tried to leave comments on two blogs. Each blog turned me down. I am not a blogspot that a problem?

RomanceWriter said...

There is an option for bloggers to only accept comments from other blogspot members.

I will ask our poets to disable that feature. If they don't then you can feel free to leave comments for them here, or to skip those that won't let you comment.

janetleigh said...


I've tried setting up my *I promise blog roll* a thousand times using a text box widget. I obviously don't know the code to list the blog names, single-lined and centered without screwing up the last blog link. When I put the cursor over the link it shows up as my URL slash blog link. So when I click on it, it links to my blog with an error notice. Any way you can help me set this up? I think I'm a real code dummy ;> I can send you exactly what I've typed in the text box if you'd like. Just leave me your email address. Oh, as you probably already know, I can use HTML in a text widget box, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Thanking you in advance for any help you may offer me.


Kakes said...

I just started my own mostly poetry blog and would like to get involved in the next round as I'm sure I'll have more up on the site by then. Great idea! Also, I've linked to this blog on my site. Thanks!

writerwoman said...

Kakes, I will add you to our blogroll at Poets Who Blog and to the second group of I Promise Bloggers. Look for a post about that group soon. So far there are three members and the aim is to have five to six.


writerwoman said...


I really am sort of clueless with HTML code. I am not sure I can offer any help. But if you want me to look at the HTML and see if anything jumps out that could be causing you problems, email me at

If you have to just drop the last blog that is causing you trouble. If you have a different links section on your blog then add that blog there.


writerwoman said...

S. Thomas Summers-

Just wanted to mention to you that you could sign up for a blogger account and not have a blog. You can have a profile that links to your website and your email. That may simplfy things for you.

Look at this profile as an example-

geek-betty said...

Are you still accepting bloggers that would like to join? I think its a great idea and would love to participate.

writerwoman said...

Yes, Geek Betty. First you join Poets Who Blog, by adding us to your blogroll. Once you have done that then I add you to ours. Then I add you to the third list of I Promise Bloggers. When that list reaches five poets, I will put a post up and then every thursday you and your fellow list members will comment on each other blogs.

Counting you, there are now two people on the latest list.

Thanks for your interest. Keep stopping back for more detials.