Thursday, October 11, 2007

Peek at Scott Clawson

I was thrilled to recieve the submission of a new poet to join the blogosphere. I think it's wonderful when poets comment or post here. It makes the site seem like more than just my sole effort.

Your Blog Manager, Sara

Cast your eyes upon the work of Scott Clawson


From across the void I travel

Oh how has time spread its wings

Distant are the footsteps of the past

Silence has become my unwitting partner

How will I ever know your touch again?

Have I forgotten how you feel?

Does the fragrance of your life elude me?

Do I stand a chance to hear the soft whisper of your voice?

Languishing through the stars I hear the faint melody

Just over the next horizon I may find you

A little farther and someday this journey will end

On the wings of despair I persevere

Driven by forces tugging on my very soul

Anguished and torn I continue this plight

An eternity I have searched

For an eternity I have loved

For an eternity I will continue on

For an eternity my love shall never wane

I will find you my love, in this eternity.

1 comment:

writerwoman said...

Welcome to Poets Who Blog, Scott. I enjoyed reading your work.