Friday, October 26, 2007

The Second Group of I Promise Poetry Blogrollers

Good news! We have now completed our second group listing.

These poets have agreed to visit each other every Thursday and leave a comment.

The Poet Within- I Promise Blogroll
K.M. Ryan
This Girl Remembers

For Rules and instructions go here.

If you want to sign up for our third blogroll, leave a comment saying so. Then you must take serious your promise to visit the people on your list once a week, preferrably Thursday.

Looking forward to seeing this work out well for all poets invovled!


Jo said...

Okay, I'm all set up now Sara. Thanks for organising this!

Christine said...

Thanks, Sara. I've read several of jo's poems through Writer's Island, and I just visited This Girl Remembers last night.

I'm going to stop by these sites today, or some time soon.

I'm going out of town, and will be off line for ten days, starting Tuesday, Oct. 30, so don't think I'm negleting if I'm awol. I'm finishing a yoga teacher training, and won't have access to the internet.

The second week in november I'll be back, commenting feverishly. :)

This Girl Remembers said...

Thanks for letting me join the party - I'm looking forward to participating!

writerwoman said...


I hope you have a good trip and that the training goes well.

Thanks for letting us know you will be gone for a few weeks.

Wishing you all the best,


Ananda said...

i would love to participate in the third group. peace, ananda

writerwoman said...

Welcome to Poets Who Blog, Ananda. I notice at your blog that you do not have a blogroll so I am not sure if you want to start one and exhange links with us or not. Let me know.

We would love to have you on our third list and get the chance to get to know your work. The only thing I feel I should mention to you is that, since your blog is not all poetry it may be hard for other poets to find your poems each thursday. But we shall give it a try and see if it works out.


P.S. the new list will go up after a few more poets sign up.

writerwoman said...

I am doing my best to stop by the sites of everyone who signs up for the I Promise blogroll on a more regular basis because I want you all to know that I appreciate that you are helping to grow PWB.

These small groups are bringing to life the dream I had for this site the day I started it.

Anna from Free Poems inspired the I Promise blogroll so I give thanks to her, and all of you who help to keep PWB going strong.