Monday, October 22, 2007

Ride the Poetry Wave

Below is a news annoucement sent in from Rob at The Writer's Island, in his own words. Please show your support to this new project.

October 22nd, 2007

There is a new project just beginning to take shape at the writing community blog, Writers Island. It is called the Poetry Wave Project. The gist is to spread the positive power of poetry into the world – to people who really need, even if for just an instant, to be put in touch with a positive or meaningful thought... to rouse their soul, and raise their spirit, for that moment in time.

Writers Island envisions the Poetry Wave rising in needful places all around our world, creating “positive momentary disruptions” where they are sorely needed – to start a ripple, which can become a wave, that could possibly help the planet, and the people and creatures who inhabit it... even in the smallest way.

The ultimate goal is, through measured and steady growth, to create a Poetry Wave of such profile, that some day many others may join in to generate a positive critical mass in our world -- a huge breaker of positive energy.

If you are interested to learn more, or to comment, come to:
The Poetry Wave

released by: Rob Kistner, Writers Island moderator

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Marie said...

Wow...this was so eloquently said...I love the ripple effect and moving positive energy around our world. We, humanity, deserve this! Thanks for assisting us in our project.