Thursday, October 25, 2007


Our Poetry Tag poem is still motoring along through the blogosphere! Do you think it will make it back here? It's been to The Shores of My Dreams
then it cruised on over to Aspiring Romance Writer

Next K.M Ryan jumped in and posted it at his blog.

Fox saw it and placed it on Chasing Shadows Again.

Jeremy TAGGED it and our little poem that could was posted at The Ravyn's Nest.

The next poet to spot it was Daydreamer who jumped in, adding a line, and posting it on Reality Bytes , then Christine decided to try her hand at poetry tag and our poem ended up at her site.

It flew on back to The Ravyn's Nest again, and then K.M. Ryan grabbed it and posted it at his site another time.

Will you help this poem get back home to us?


K.M.Ryan said...

for future reference, i am a male, not a female.

writerwoman said...

Oh, sorry, about that. I'm going to change the post now to reflect that.


Ceridwen said...

This is cool. I've been sending similar poems around via e-mail that I've been calling chainpoems, after the chainpoems a group of poets were doing in the 1940s:

Ceridwen said...

(Oops. That colon should have been a period.)

Anonymous said...

That's cool, Ceridwen. If you want to share your story about writing chainpoems or the history of chainspoems with Poets Who Blog, in a grander fashion, consider submitting an article to us. I am eagerly waiting for the first poet to step up and write a poetry related article for the site.


Ceridwen said...

I'm in, Sara. Will you e-mail me the details ~ length, deadline, that sort of thing? I'm at mygorgeoussomewhere (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks for asking me to do this.