Friday, February 01, 2008

World Class Poetry

Allen Taylor, of the blog World Class Poetry, ushers in Black History Month with a post about Langston Hughes. Head over to World Class Poetry to check it out.Click here.

Would you like to help PWB honor Black History Month with poetry?

If you are willing to write a poem about the struggle of African Americans to overcome obstacles throughout history, or about Africa and her people, or about overcoming racism, or any of subject that would honor this occasion, sign up in the comments section. Once your poem is posted, send me a link to it at

I will then do a main post about your poem and direct readers to your site. Anyone interested?


susan said...

Hi Sara,

I've shared a link with you before I think is appropriate and you've commented to the poem. There is a reference in the poem that speaks to our history and I think some readers miss it.

My feelings have changed about Black History Month over the years. I'm a black woman 365 days a year. I celebrate not only our history but daily I reflect and breathe what it means to black in this country.

I will resend the link. And I will work on new pieces to share.

I really appreciate what you do here.

WorldClassPoet said...

Thanks for the shout, Sara. Go poets!