Sunday, February 24, 2008

Take the First Line Challenge at Find My Muse

The Poets Who Blog members over at Find My Muse have kindly provided several first lines to inspire your poetry. Why not stop by and see if one of them could be the start to your next creation.

Click here to visit Find My Muse


Pam said...

The link appears to be broken. All I got was code.

writerwoman said...

Sorry about that. I had trouble linking to the actual post. I've linked to the first page of Find My Muse now. If you scroll down you should see a post titled First Lines.

Thanks for letting me know.

Your Blog Manager,


paisley said...

the link is ok,, there is code at the top of the page that shouldn't be but that is a css error... if you could let them know tho,, the rss feed has a "parsing error" and needs to be rerouted... i love that blog and want to grab the feed there,, but i am not "logged in" and thus cannot comment to relay this info myself... please let us know what is up if you can,, as i see a lot of potential there!!!!!