Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Read Spatherdab

I've wanted to revive the Spotlight Poet Series for a while now. Please turn you attention to the newest poet that PWB finds exceptional. Today we feature Spatherdab whose absolutely stunning poem song for bedtime is both lyrical and heart wrenching in its loneliness.

Spatherdab has only been posting at her blog, titled Laurie Macfayden's webprint, for the last three months but already she has nearly two dozen poems for you to peruse and partake in. Her poetic voice beckons back to simpler times, to when the land we lived on meant more than the car we drove, to when history meant family history and memory meant sitting on your father's knee.

Stop by and visit her. Support all poets who blog. Get lost in her world. I know I enjoyed my time I spent there.

If you would like to read about other poets featured at PWB, visit the PWB Archives.


Pam said...

Thanks for the spotlight. I really enjoyed her writing.

writerwoman said...

Thank you for visiting the site. You've helped to make PWB succeed. I love to see poets stepping up and helping out our site, since it truly does belong to everyone on the blogroll.