Thursday, February 07, 2008

New I Promise Bloggers

More poets have decided to take part in our I Promise Blogroll program. The idea is to stop by and comment on each other’s works every Thursday.

In order to identify your list, each blogroll is given a name. So far we have:
The Poet Within
The Heart of a Poet
Poetic License
Pay it Forward

Today I introduce you to the poets who comprise The Beauty in Words- I Promise Blogroll.

Noah who posts at Noah the Great

UL from Typing Away

Qualcosa di Bello from Write Away

The last member will be leaving The Heart of The Poet list and joining this one-

Paisley who posts at Just Paisley

Would you like to sign up for the next list?

If you do, please take serious stopping by the other blogs every Thursday, or let the poets know you're going to be on vacation or busy for a while, in those circumstances. Thanks!

Your Blog Manager,



crimsonflaw said...

yes sara i would

crimsonflaw said...

i just noticed my blog ´´ mortarbled´´ happens to be on the pwb blog roll.

there is a slight typo in the spelling. can you please give the ´´ r ´´ its rightful place after the ´´ o ´´ ..... in mortarbled.


writerwoman said...


I fixed the blog name. I'll let you know when we have enough people for a new I promise blogroll.

Hope all is great with you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

I like to sign up for the next list?
I already started stopping by the other blogs. It would be nice to get some comments too. As a kid you always want to learn new things and I want to improve my writing skills.

Ciao, Milou