Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The prompt site Poefusion, home of Monday Mural and Friday Five, asked poets to give a try writing a Pleiades.

This modern form was invented by Craig Tigerman, editor of Sol Magazine, in 1999. It consists of a seven line stanza where each line begins with a word that starts with the same letter as the title of the poem. The title must only be one word.

You can read an examples here.

Stop over at Poefusion and check out the links to the work of poets who took part in the prompt, each one creating a pleiades of their own, and then think about joining in on the fun by posting your own pleiades.


Teeny Poet said...

Can you put my poetry site on your blog?

noahthegreat said...

It has to be a one word title? I just thought it had to be the first letter of your title that you repeated.

I mess up on these forms a lot!

I'll have to fix all the ones I wrote sometime.

writerwoman said...

Teeny Poet, look for your site under About Poetry.

Best of luck to you with your site.


writerwoman said...


Bravo for giving it a try! Yes the title must be one word.

I usually write free verse myself. I just started trying different forms last year. I remember how long it took me to just write one American Sentence.

I haven't tried a pleiades yet.