Saturday, February 23, 2008

To Get More Comments

Some tips to insure that everyone that wants to comment on your poetry can.

1. Enable your profile. When you leave a comment on a blog, other bloggers might want to click on your name to check out the person behind the thoughts. They can't if your profile is not available.

2. Use Name/URL on blogger. Remember if you don't have a blogspot blog but you want to leave a link to your site, you can click on Name/URL. Leave your URL that way. Check out the comments to see an example of me doing this.

3. Reconsider word verification if you use it. It can really discourage, or even make it impossible, for some people to leave comments. I've used it before and found that it does keep out spam. But most of my blogs only get about one spam a week. I would rather erase that then keep people from commenting.

4.Check your settings. Did you mean to make people log in in order to comment? I would rather delete the occasional rude anonymous comment than miss great ones from people who can't log in to google or wordpress. Consider making your comments open to everyone.

Overall, these choices are yours. But remember they do greatly affect how many reviews you get.

Know another tip? Leave it in the comments section.

Speaking of comments, today is your last day to check out our Featured Poets of the Week. Stop by thier sites and tell them you found them through PWB. Thanks for all your devotion to keeping poetry alive in the blogosphere.


Sara said...


Sara said...

test number 2

paisley said...

speaking of commenting and featured poets you cannot comment on steer forth unless you join... and quite frankly,, i cannot imagine adding yet another login to my daily habit....

i have been going thru the links and there are quite a few that are either bad or not updated in quite some time... i know it is a huge undertaking,,, but i am thinking it might want to make its way onto the "to do " list....

writerwoman said...

Paisley, thanks for commenting.

I left Steer Forth a comment about the wordpress members only feature on his blog.

About PWB:

I tried to delete every bad link ( that led to a defunct blog) last weekend. I'll check again.

I purposely left blogs that have not been updated in a while because I have hope they will be updated again. Though I may change the sidebar to list

Featured Poets of the Week

Blogs Updated Within 30 Days

All Other Poets

Blogger Friends ( less than 80 percent poetry blogs)

About Poetry.

That might work better. I do want this program, which PWB is, to work. I am glad you take being a member serious. I know some others do too, for which I am very grateful.

I will keep working on getting other members ( those you signed up and then never came back again) to give 5 minutes per week back to PWB. It seems only fair to me.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...


Thanks for the tips. I've often wondered about word verification, but it didn't seem much of a burden to me, but I'm going to eliminate on your recommendation.

Greyscale Territory said...

Hi all,

I hope I am linking in the right way in the right place.

Would love to join your poetic community. Found you via Paisley's blog! (Thank you Paisley!)

A great deal of my writing is poetry, but even my prose offerings have their poetic voice! Hope you enjoy!

Smiles and Light


Sara said...

Welcome Gemma and Leanderthal,

I will add your blogs to our blogroll today. PWB is thrilled that you decided to take part in our program.

Just remember the one thing you agree to when joining us is that you will find, at least, one blog on our blogroll to support with your comments. You can switch around who you comment on, if you like. Or focus on the featured poets each week. Whatever works for you.

But being on our blogroll means that you agree to comment on the other poets works, as time permits for you.

I'm trying to convince everyone to pledge 5 minutes to PWB each week. Hopefully that will really make our program work.

Thanks for joining! You may email me with any concerns or poetry news at

Your Blog Manager,


noahthegreat said...

I think the best way of getting comments is by reading and commenting on other's work.

writerwoman said...

I have to agree, Noah. That is a good way to grow relationships with other poets who will support you over the long run.

Crafty Green Poet said...

These are great pieces of advice, though I think I will stick with word verification, I've seen some sites that attract loads of spam comments. Noah makes a good point too, I think if you make yourself known to others then they are more likely to come back and comment.

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Thanks for the advice. I wanted to point out that I have lots of spam blocked every day, but I've never had any rude comments. Must be good clean living. ;)



Barking_Mad said...

im one of the ones who didn't update in a long time. i have done this week though on several occasions with soe lyrics and poetry, so hopefully this will save me from deletion!

writerwoman said...

Barking Mad,

Glad to hear you updated. At this time I am not planning on deleting any blogs that haven't updated in 30 days. I hold out hope those poets will update again.

What is more important to me is that each poet on our list takes 5 minutes a week to comment on another poet's blog on our list. That is the perfect way to be a good PWB member.

Thanks for taking part.

Your Blog Manager,


I'm a bird now, perhaps a flamingo, perhaps a sandhill crane, a blue heron, a sandpiper.. said...

I really appreciate this advice. I just started my blog about a month ago. First thing I'll do now is get a good profile in there...