Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This is What I Like. What About You?

Over the last few months, I stumbled along these poems and enjoyed them. Leave a link in the comments section to a poem you read online and liked, not written by you. I'm sure that all you talented poets out there have read some that touched you. Let our other members know about them. Jump in and be an active part of PWB today.

This list is not extensive and does not represent every poem I have liked that I read online. But here are a few:

Hushed Morning by Fenny.
The Key by Nishant Tharani
sans defeat by gautami tripathy
A Lynching of Self by Lisa Chapman
Suffocating of Cures by alcoholic poet

Leave a link to a poem you like.


Fenny said...

I read this one recently and liked it very much, hope you do too.

susan said...

by Rethabile at Poefrika. This is the sensual done well.

susan said...

Here's the link:

susan said...

Check out Heard of The Black Dog by Jilly Poet

susan said...

Are we not reading each other? C'mon, post some links.

Poetikat said...

Here's a poem I read by Scott, the Poet at Poetic Leanings. I think it beautifully suggests the mood of the observer on a day at the shore.