Thursday, February 07, 2008

Read Black Eyed Susan

One poet has stepped up to help PWB celebrate Black History Month with poetry. This poet's work I have always found thoughtful. Her work also has an intimate tone that is quite refreshing.

Black-eyed Susan is one of the founders of The Last Piaster, a prompt site that goes beyond offering a simple phrase to inspire your poetry but instead asks you to try new forms, styles, and techniques to enrich your work with a deeper and richer sensibilty.

I ask that you stop by her personal poetry blog and read the poem she has offered in honor of Black History Month. When you do remember all the famous African American Poets who have come before, and think of all the young poets out there right now looking for an audience for their words, their heartbreak, their world view, their dreams, their secrets that can only be spilled with poetry.

To all of them, and to Susan, I say thank you. Thank you for writing. Thank you for spreading poetry throughout the world. The days go by but the words....the words remain.


susan said...

Wow! Thanks Sara. Could you have warned a sista beforehand? lol. I will look for some published work by African-American poets that I can link, too.

My own work reflects my experiences as a black woman though my race might not be overtly obvious in them. Let me do some digging.

You go way beyond in your support and I am truly grateful. Because of PWB, I've discovered some solid writers and I'm glad to be a part of the community. Now let me demonstrate how grateful I am by doing because I firmly advocate that it's about what you do.

susan said...

FYI, the daily quotes are 99.9% by black women. For a sense of who we are, check out the daily quotes.