Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Cancer Poetry Project

Sue Miller, an editor and writer, chose to deal with her husband's diagnosis of cancer, in part, by turning to poetry. She realized that others might also find comfort in poems and set out to solicit poems from people who had experiences with the disease including patients, friends, spouses, family members and caregivers.

1,200 poems were submitted and the top 140 became a collection titled The Cancer Poetry Project, which is bookstores and online, including

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Murem said...

Hello "Writer woman",

Poetry is written to be spoken, too! We're not in touch with "The Cancer Poetry Project" and would like to reach out to all poets. Evoca ( makes it easy for anyone to record online using any phone, our in-browser recorder, and uploads. We have an individual member version called "Evoca Express" (Free = and Pro = and also a organization version called "Evoca Media Services". It enables you to integrate and brand Evoca features for your own website and much more. For the techies out there, it's an easy-to-integrate RESTful HTTP API with integrated VoIP telephone services. See this link for more information: and get access to the EMS (free) developer version at:

We'd like to hear poets from around the world using Evoca!

Everyone's voice counts,