Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Read Average Poet

Recently I was visited Word Catalyst Magazine and noticed one of our poets has been featured there several times. You can read his poem Autumn Roses Smell Sweetest by clicking here.

Bob Hazelton shares his work at Average Poet but his creations rise above average. I found myself entranced by his poem Tenebrous. He uses a see sawing effect that lifts and then drops the readers, mimicking the rise and fall of the narrator's journey.

I was thrilled to see one of PWB's own highlighted at Word Catalyst where more of the world can see his talents on display. Stop by Average Poet and share your thoughts with Bob. Let him know he has the full support of all of us at Poets Who Blog.


Shirley said...

Bob at Average Poet is one of the finest writers I have ever come across. He also writes a monthly column for Word Catalyst Magazine and was the first writer I signed up...for obvious reasons. Please do let him know how much his work is appreciated. He will be with the magazine until he makes the choice to leave. Please don't leave Bob! ;)

Anonymous said...

Average poet is amazing.

rch said...

Aw shucks, I'm absolutely speechless. I'm sorry I haven't been online but life has been hectic lately. Thank you more than I can say, but I must insist that any accolades be given to Sara and people like her that tirelessly promote the work of others and poetry in general. I have been trying to comment on as much stuff as I can, and shall continue to do so. And thanks to Shirley and Noah, support like yours makes it worthwhile! :)