Friday, February 08, 2008

Poetry Tumble

How far can one perfect line of poetry take you?

When one poet read the poem Pillows by Chris Sapp, formerly a spotlight Poet here at PWB, she was inspired to take a tumble into poetry. Read about it here.


paisley said...

you go marcia... i have read portions of this but never the whole thing... what a wild ride!!!! love the association i will have to try it myself......

Clockworkchris said...

wow-I am flattered one line did this much. I am going to make my link you referred to active again. It's hard to keep up poems that are good and try to sell books at the same time, but its just one. :)

Anubhav Kushwaha said...

I am not sure if this comment is appropriate for this post - but I linked to this blog - I write my poetry at and hope to be a part of this community and be linked back to

writerwoman said...

Welcome, Anubhav Kushwaha.

PWB is happy to add you to our list. Hope to get to know you better in the months to come. Being a part of PWB means that you agree to visit some of the blogs on our blogroll, time permitting for you.

Thanks for taking part!

Your Blog Manager,