Friday, August 29, 2008

On August 3rd, Poets Who Blog started a new Add a line Poem. This is the completed work, along with links to all the authors who contributed. Thank you all for taking part.

Nights in Beijing by PWB Poets

Fast and furious, I chase
my dark dreams across the sky
as the blackbirds circle and cry
longings of an abandoned heart
fill the void that keeps us apart.

Broken, we are unspoken and chokin',
no token of your esteem for me;
but ghosts in a Chinese shadow-play.

Vast and curious, I still chase
your dark truths amid the lies
that bury us on the eastern plain.

Barren, our kabuki died in vain
with our child a vapid stain-
blood run the dream that never was.

Fast and furious, the chase is never done.

Line one was written by Sara from The Shores of my Dreams

Line two was written by The Mad Celt from Musings of a Mad Celt

Line three was written by Pam from Amputated Moon

Line four was written by Lissa from Just Writing Words

Line five was written by Jenn from Drawings in the Surf

Line six was written by Nicole Nicholson from Raven's Wing Poetry

Line Seven was written by Ralph Murre from Arem Arvinson Log

Line eight was written by Wordcrafter from Poetry for a Night Owl

Line nine was written by Chad.

Line ten was written by Christine from Maria Cristina Poesia

Line eleven was written by Mike Mc from Wod Anger

Line twelve was written by Davidlind from Virgina Breeze

Line thirteen and fourteen were written by Sara.

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Jenn: said...

Take a bow everyone. It's great!
I loved coming back to see how it was progressing.

The Mad Celt said...

Well done, fellow poets, well done indeed!

Wordcrafter said...

I love the result, but cannot remember whether the title was there at the beginning of came last? And whose is the title? just curious.
Evry line is beautiful -together and on its own.

PWB manager said...

I made up the titles for all the complilation poems.


Chad said...

I almost had forgotten about this, and I have to say the result is awesome. So yeah, definitely we want more exquisite corpses to play with!

I feel honored to have participated.

Thank you very much.