Thursday, August 21, 2008

Christian Poetry Collection Available

Walk awhile upon my journey

And steal a place in my heart.

With your eyes,

Upon these words,

You, kindred spirit,

Can touch my soul.

By Chris Roe

“ In Search of Silence” by Chris Roe. A personal journey in search of spiritual peace.

A collection of 45 poems available from

Two poems from the collection “ In Search of Silence”

Eternal Journey
As the crimson flame of life

Breaks slowly

Above the horizon,

The white frosted meadows,

With trees and hedgerows

Of sculptured ice,

Speak loudly

Of your presence.

Once more

Upon this journey,

As another day begins,

Without effort

Or intrusion,

Through the peace

And tranquillity

Of your silent voice,

The moment becomes eternal,

And the journey begins again.

Immortal Spirit
Beside me once more,

In peaceful silence,

Softer than a feather

Cast adrift upon the breeze,

In memories,

Your spirit,



Further work from this collection of poems can be seen at
Silent Flight Publications

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