Monday, August 11, 2008

Jigsaw Poem by Phillip

A wine remembered

The wine, decanted,

with amber temper:

even with a twist of lemon,

still left taste of timber.

A shout of carefree pleasure

or just hair-of-the-dog,

it had the wings to chase me

around in the fog.

By Phillip Thrift from Poetical Bits

This is a jigsaw poem. I will post one a day. Thanks to all who are taking part.


writerwoman said...

Very lyrical. I like how the first stanza focuses on taste and the second on emotion.

Thank you for taking part in our jigsaw challenge.

Jenn: said...

This poem makes the most of each word. It forces you to read it slowly and savor it like that first sip of wine.

Nathan said...

A great tribute to a wine that tastes of "timber." This is tightly written. well done

The Mad Celt said...


Philip Thrift said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Readers can sometimes see more in a poem than the author thought of when written!