Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Us two, twisted, into each other
Someone shouts, as we get ready to fly

With wings of hope we soar and fall
Her hair brush my face, time crawls

The amber sun glows like a burning coin
Freefalling, carefree we two are joined

Now we are frozen stiff like timber
Soon, our soul shall decant these earthly vessels

We'll chase the wind through day and night
And together taste immortality, entwined

By Nothingman from Poetry

Thank you for taking part in our Jigsaw Poem Challenge. When the Jigsaw Poem Challenge poems are all posted, I will then post the Add- a - line group poem and after that the August Poet's Who Blog Poetry Collective.


Nathan said...

"The amber sun glows like aburning coin" -- a great line. I like this a lot.

chad said...

great post, as usual. have a nice day, write poetry!

more "add a line" poems, please :)

The Mad Celt said...

Goes down like a fine wine! Great.