Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jigsaw Poem by Lissa


there were voices belonging to many
whispering with beaded eyes
unrealized thoughts striking the air
beating pauses without hearts

she could taste bits of quagmire
bitter against her tongue
twisting the scent of timber around

twirling a piece of hair between her amber fingers
a carefree gesture that hid her from him

her dreams began to grow wings
decanting from drowned emotions
she chase them even as she sleeps

if only she could shout her feelings
throw her voice up high
gather her emotions in one gulp and fly

but the words stuck inside her throat
forcefully flowing toward her feet
where they stayed submerged inside her shoes

By Lissa from Just Writing Words

Thanks for taking part,Lissa.

I think I have posted just about every jigsaw poem I recieved. Leave a comment if you sent one and never saw it posted so I can make sure I get it posted for you.

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