Thursday, August 28, 2008

The PWB Poetry Collection- August

This is the third month of this feature at PWB.

The idea is to list twenty poems, from different bloggers on our blogroll, that I have found enjoyable.They are not listed in any particular order. Do not submit poems to me for this feature.

Please check out some of these poems and leave comments. If there is a positive response then I will continue this next month. It takes about two hours to compile this list so please, if you have time, take a moment to stop in to some of the blogs listed below.

Thank you for supporting PWB and making it a wonderful haven for poets in the blogosphere.

Jump in and get lost in poetry!

1.Old Words by Jack Sender
2.Swirl by Paisley
3.Honesty by Corinne Elizabeth
4.Honeysuckle Good-bye by Scot
5. The Further Adventures of Superhero Girl by Jilly Poet
6. Rich and Prepared by Cassandra Tribe
7. A Untitled Brief Poem by Brian
8.A one line poem by GRH
9. On Loss by This Girl Remembers
10. Infinity by Noah the Great.
11. Albany Bulb by Tiel Aisha Ansari
12. Image by Shirley Allard
13. Strange as it May Seem to Some by Gautami Tripathy
14. Return by Allyson
15.Stolen Childhood by Fenny
16. Phases by the poet at blog-a-poem
17. 1 by Geek Betty.
18. Weapon by UL
19. Late Eulogy by Monkeyboy
20. Poemflesh by Cynthia M.

Thank you for reading our August Collection. Please leave comments on some of the poems so that the poets know you appreciate their efforts to share poetry in the blogosphere.


paisley said...

thank you once again for including me in the "to read" list.. you are a doll for stopping in and linking to me .. please know how much i appreciate it...

Sara said...

Your welcome. Thanks for being such an active and always supportive member of PWB.

C. Elizabeth said...

Thank you for including my work. I love this collection of poems.

Wordcrafter said...

This is a great idea and the poems I read so far, a wonderful choice. Thanks for all the work you are doing promoting poets and their work.

jack sender said...

I like the idea of someone else finding more poems for me to read. Thanks, and good wishes.

punatik said...

I read " Stolen Childhood", "Rich and Prepared" "1." , and "Honesty" , so far. I enjoyed them all and have left comments at some of the sites. Mahalo to the authors for their imagery and insight. I enjoy coming to this site and it's one stop shopping for getting my poetry fix for the day.