Friday, August 15, 2008


Decanted out of the office
I expand into looser clothes
Like wine liberated from its cork
And free, at last, to breathe.
My hair, released from its prim twist
Falls into curls like amber wings.
I chase butterflies across the red-rotten
Timber of wandering jungle stairways
I shout gleefully back at the macaws
Screaming brightly in the treetops,
Trail my fingers in warm tea-coloured rivers
And swing in the ease of hammocks.
Briefly intoxicated by the sweet tasting air
And the fresh re-dawning of carefree days.

By Lirone from Words That Sing

This is a jigsaw poem. Thanks for taking part, Lirone.

I'll be posting another poem tommorow.


The Mad Celt said...

Very, very nice.

Davidlind said...

I enjoyed the brightness of this poem and the joyful imagery.

Paul said...

writing words
on a hot summer night
that singe my soul.

Wordcrafter said...

Wow... I just love this poem, wonderful.

Nathan said...

This is lovely. A real sense of freedom and ease.

Jade said...

adore your coming-into-joy-poem,
penned with a lighthearted touch,i'm tickled.