Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hanging Around

I thought about your wings today
Your carefree laughter
Sun bleached hair
Floating from a tree
Over there.

Sitting here
I leave the windows open
Curtains twisting
Recalling tastes like wine
Decanting you inside.

Amber headlights
Through the night
Timber strobes
Make me uptight.

But I wait for you to ring.

I will not shout
For anything
But twist upon this bed
Chasing ghosts
Inside my head
Wishing we
Were joined in stead.

By David from Photo Link Love. Thanks for taking time to do our challenge, David.

You can also read this poem by visiting Virgina Breeze


writerwoman said...

Recalling tastes like wine
Decanting you inside.

I really like those lines.

Fantastic work. Very enjoyable read.

Nathan said...

"Hair," "curtains," "headlights" really beautiful images.

Davidlind said...

Thank you very much. I hadn't done one of these before and it was a lot of fun. The result was very surprising too! I was so busy trying to fit all the words in there I had NO idea it would be such a dark piece of work. It was supposed to be about a guy missing his girlfriend. But it's much worse than that. Isn't it? When this dawned on me the title was not too far behind.
Creepy. Where did that come from? LOL.
I'm looking forward to trying it again and hoping for a different outcome.

The Mad Celt said...

I love it! It's great to see how we can use simple words to craft such wonderful poetry. My submission:

"Musings of a Mad Celt"