Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Sixth Day of Poetry

Holiday Meal

the extended family around a grand table
awaited the feast to begin
in joy, much drinking and laughter

a chorus of oohs and aahhs while grandma
placed the golden plattered turkey
in the center of our festive throng

fine spirit abounded, then all lights went out
there was a scrambling, some shouts,
until a cry of pain did command

when the lights came on,
grandpa had tears in his eyes, a turkey leg
and seven forks in his hand

by Jack Sender from A Warming Trend


Thank you, Jack, for taking part in our Second Annual Twelve Days of Poetry and helping to spread poetry through the blogosphere this holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Very cute, I can picture Grandpa...

Happy Holidays

fleuve-souterrain said...

Very nice poem... humor shines out like holiday candles!