Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Eight Day of Poetry

overnight bedlam
while driving,
hang right hand over and off steering wheel
thumb down connected to sharp cheddar
yellow moon,
connecting from earth to sky
back again, relating sequentially

radio aqua shimmer relates numerically
time sequences, bass lines, hooks and choruses
track number 5 on repeat, clasping, seeping lyrics a memoir
someone else might live.

night white light night light,
full spectrum windshield,
wind currents from crazed automatic windows at 62 mph
doom full chewing slow on tongue
paying bills on keyboard
all thumbs, castrating never questioning electronic memory

inside its warm, but testing patience
a flytrap with christmas trees,
glittering St Nicks,
fabricated home living

daylight still 5 hours and 23 minutes further,
yellow wax colored lights shaded with sheep skin
still pretending as natural
laundry in twisted grimace patterns,musty
some crusty, domesticated washer machine bases settings
Hot, Warm, Cold
orange eyes split form and drop through cycles,
never backwards only forwards, repeat

shit stains like a smile on boxer seams,
caffeine supplements taste strawberry, fake sugar flavor
water like family relations
television talks in japanese anime
sometimes scripted sports announcers lock eyes with
half feigning attention bored athletes
with golden hamster feeder lifestyles

waiting patient all thumbs
heart licking deep forward to chest walls
back, all cycles
hang dry only

by Wedlock from Word of Mouth Coalition

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