Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Second Day of Poetry

At Feast End

We congregate about the table,,,
Our bellies bursting with holiday—it was pristinely set.

The turkey carcass now
the sweet potatoes observed
(their brown candied toppings stripped to expose solitary
daubs of orange-carroty-color not fit to keep),,,
the blotched plates cleared,,,
the caked forks confiscated,,,
sweaty goblets still bathed in mostly melted cubes:
the table

Was God’s grace gone so soon?

God’s grace
was gone
so soon

by the scôp from diatribalArts.

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paisley said...

i loved this the first time i read it on your blog,,, and enjoyed it even more this second time around.....

PWB Manager said...

The last two lines were really thought provoking. Thanks for taking part in our twelve days of poetry.

Anonymous said...

I can taste the turkey and sweet potates, love the last line -- grace and food are gone to fast.