Sunday, December 07, 2008

The President Loves Poetry?

Will Barack Obama spark poetry sales? Jonathan Galassi,recent winner for his poetry at the Mercantile Library Center for Fiction Awards, thinks the President elect just might.

Click here to read an article where he explains why.

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Rolli said...

A literate president would be a refreshing change. Perhaps poetry might even become ... fashionable! We can always cross our fingers.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a Presidental Poetry Night --- Poems by presidents or about them --- we all have our favorites ---

PWB Manager said...

Maybe we can do a project for Inauguration day next month ( for Barack Obama here in the US) and flood site with poems about hope, change, freedom, America, peace, overcoming racism, etc. Any hopeful topic that can be tied to how a poet feels on that day.

Send poems to poetswhoblog at yahoo dot com.

And look for our twelve days of poetry to start on December 13th.

Send in poems with a Christmas or winter theme.

Blog manager,


PWB Manager said...

If you send a poem for our "January 20th" project please put that in your subject line.

Also I need your screen name and a link to your site.

I will do a post after the first of the year with full detials.

Anonymous said...

Going even a step beyond, I would absolutely love to put together or see someone else put together a book of the poetry many of us published upon Obama's election. I have never seen so many beautiful, powerful pieces - explosions - of hope. As Lincoln's death was a defining moment in the poetic life of Whitman, I truly believe that Obama's election will be a defining moment in many of our lives.